Saturday, 28 February 2009

Killing time at Heathrow Airport.

Checked in at Heathrow Airport on a sunny, warm spring afternoon - heading home to the deep snow of Sapporo.

Lots of tears as usual as I said goodbye to Dad and is so hard to live between two countries. I love them, I love their home...and this time more than ever I am aware that I won't be visiting them here much more. This year again? Next year? I don't think their current life in this house can continue for much longer.

I called Yujiro a lot. He sounds ok...although Okaasan life goes on being confusing: this week she missed the Hula Dance class because although he reminded her at lunchtime AND reminded her 15 minutes before the time she had to leave the house - when a classmate came to pick her she had forgotten about the class and wasn't ready.

So the classmate went on alone and Okaasan missed her social/exercise event.

We have to get her more organised for this kind of thing.

And I am ready to enter the Wonderful World of Okaasan again. I've bought a book called "Contented Dementia", which will hopefully give me some idea how to have conversations and help Okaasan in her confused life.

I will sit on the airplane and read it.

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