Wednesday, 22 July 2009

England again...

Finally got hold of Dad last night...he'd left the phone off the hook. I called my step-aunt, who was already onto it via the phone company and neighbors.

Anyway. My step-mum HAS been moved to a room with other people, but she is still only taking food through the stomach. Fairly bright with dad and visitors. Sometimes is hoisted out of bed to sit in a chair.

And Dad really wants me to go again. To him August seems like a long time away - but actually for me it will be in 2 weeks time. So I'll get the ticket today. I hope I can use airmiles!

Don't really want to go at all. I want to stay here and enjoy my summer hols in my own garden with my friends here. But. But. Dad would like company again for the hospital visits and life stuff. So. Off to England again. This time I only have to find a sub teacher for one class.

Closer to home in Sapporo: Okaasan greeted me home last night with a bean paste filled rice cake and a cup of green tea, and the old stories about how her father once bought crab and she and her brothers tried to stay awake till he came home...and Yujiro did 7 gruelling hours on the telephone trying (and failing) to get anyone in Honshu to buy Hokkaido crabs. He came home tired and down...but is willing to give the job a little more time until he finds something else.

We both cooked dinner. Okaasan set out for a walk at 5.45 pm and came home at 7.30 pm, so we heated up her dinner and fed her.

Today I am going to the gym and the travel agents. I am not going to cook lunch for Okaasan. She can start learning to cope on her own at lunchtime. She's been coddled with Yujiro always doing the middday meal. I really feel it is unnecessary, but he said it wasn't a problem as he was home anyway. I may be home anyway too...but I'm not going to do it. She CAN get something together to eat for herself.

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  1. I've been phoned by someone trying to sell hotate from hokkaido. We went there on our honeymoon five years and stopped at a place, ate some scrummy yummy butter hottate and ordered some to send to brother and now they ring us every year. We actually ordered some the first year but haven't since. Must be a stink job, I hope something better turns up for him until he can Ski.

    Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate lately !!