Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Family last!

For the first time since I came back from the UK on Friday night we managed to have a family dinner together.
Okaasan looked tired - today was a nasty, rainy, cold day and she walked to Hula Dance class and then fell asleep when she came home. But at dinner we chatted about the flowers that the neighbor gave us and the jazz festival in the park. She brightend up. THIS is the reason we moved her here...when you are feeling blue a bit of chat from other people lifts the spirits. If you live alone you just sit in front of the TV. And Japanese entertainment TV programs are mind-numbing.

I spent a very boring day at home watching stuff on TV and resting the leg.
BUT! I decided to do something about this inactivity...we went along to the nearby sports club and I joined up! My body and brain is crying out for some kind of physical exercise - whether it is upper body training exercises or pool walking...something is desperately needed. I can't go on getting fat and out of condition.

The staff were friendly and I booked in for a personal orientation on Sunday morning, the guy will show me the facilities and advise me what I should be doing.

I feel better just knowing I've taken that positive step.

News from England: Jane has been awake a little when Dad goes in...2 days in a row. But the mouth feeding isn't happening because she gags and one of her nieces (who is a doctor) went to visit and came away not step-aunt said she doesn't believe that Jane would want to go on on like this for ever...I agree...but I don't think either she or Dad are anywhere near making decisions regarding that yet.

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  1. Hope your orientation at the gym went well this morning. Did okaasan say anything about her tidy room??