Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fireworks and Fish 'n Chips.

The rain held off and we took Okaasan in the car down near the river, parked at a friend's apartment and went with her and thousands of others to the Toyohira River Firework Show.

The riverside road was closed and we took folding garden chairs, so we could sit out in the middle of the road and enjoy the show.

"Apple! Peach! Watermelon!" we all screamed as fireworks in the shape of fruit lit up the sky. Somehow the kids seemed to recognise what the shape was before us oldies.

It was simple, mindless fun. Just sitting there looking at lights in the sky. A good mind break.

I think Okaasan enjoyed it, she chatted a bit with my friend Hiroko and looked at the constant fashion parade of the young women in their yukata - shame, cos most of their guys were just wearing jeans and T-shirts. But the women looked great in wooden sandals and colorful cottons.

*** Came home and had a strange conversation with Dad in England.

He says that Jane was going to eat Fish 'n Chips in hospital! First of all I shared his joy and amazement that she is eating again.
And then when I put the phone down - well actually came away from the computer - I thought: "It can't be true". After 8 weeks of not eating anything by mouth - how could anyone eat something like Fish 'n Chips?

I'm thinking that the catering staff didn't see the "Nil by Mouth" sign above her bed and just delivered a menu and Dad with his great food obsession chatted to Jane about the menu and food, and Jane said she'd like fish 'n must be THAT. After he came away from the hospital at the end of the afternoon...did she REALLY sit there and eat fried fish and chips???

I can't think that is right.
The journalist in me suspects my unreliable source. I know how much he wants her to be eating - in his world once she is eating again she is better - but I think talking about the menu and actually putting the food in your mouth and swallowing it and very different.

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