Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Green shoots of recovery?

Errr...this is a "Sakura" Foreign Wife in Japan, photographed last month by professional photographer ( and nice lady!) Reiko Shibata for an exhibition in the Nikon Gallery Ginza later this year....

Green shoots of recovery here...maybe...

My step-aunt says my step-mum has been transferred from a private room next to the nurse station to the general ward. I haven't been able to speak to Dad since Saturday, so I can't confirm or get the details...but that is something good...maybe.

And Yujiro's just gone off for 3 days trial work at a call center...selling Hokkaido crab. Not sure if it is really what he wants to do, he prefers getting out and about instead of sitting in a room for 7 hours with a phone.
But it gets him OUT of here. I'm off working today, Okaasan will have to cook herself a 5-course lunch. Or explore the plastic bags around the base of the sofa.

Quiet holiday weekend. I did some weeding (sitting down), I cooked all the meals Sunday and Monday. Watched TV. Played computer games.

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