Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Invisible and mean.

Had a horrible day.
It all came down upon me as I was getting ready for work.
I put on a work skirt that I haven't worn for a while (trousers are better for adding a medicated compress during the day) - and OMG - so tight! I knew I'd put on weight, but here was the horrible proof.

I started crying in the car as Yujiro drove me downtown. I cried most of the way there.
I cried when I walked in to work and a student asked me about England.
I cried when the manager asked me about England.
I cried going to the classroom.
Somehow I pulled it together and went into "Amanda teacher" mode and did a class.

Got through the rest of the day.
At 5 pm my knee was swollen and hot. So I went to rehabilitation...the doctor said some codswallop about England being more humid than Japan...

I came home. Drank some wine and ate dinner with Yujiro.

Okaasan set OUT at 5.30 pm!!!! We may never have to eat dinner with her again.

While we tracked her wanderings round Toyohira ward on the GPS I took in her laundry and started tidying up some of the trash bags round her living room table.
20 minutes later I was finding old banana skins, rock-hard rice cakes, empty yogurt pots, sweet wrappers, pickled fish etc etc All stuffed in bags and forgotten.
I threw out all the trash, the old shopping bags, the newspapers...and I put the edible food in a plastic basket by her table so she can actually SEE what she has to eat.

Yujiro said I was going too far, that she'd notice I'd been touching her things.
I said I didn't care.
I don't have such a warm cuddly relationship with her to ruin anyway.
She has no idea what is IN most of these plastic bags on the floor - now at least she can see what she has!

If she asks I'll tell her the rotting food was smelling and I thought a nice basket to put things in would help.

She finally rocked home around 8 pm. Yujiro heated up some dinner for her. I went upstairs and left her to discover what the lovely invisible Oyomesan has done.

There's nothing like taking your stress out on an old lady.

I'm mean.
And happy with it.

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