Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Fall Family Day Out

I felt guilty all summer that we didn't DO anything with Okaasan - what with my knee, the dramas in England, the work, the garden etc etc

So today - gorgeous weather, no work, no Hula dance class - we headed for the hills and enjoyed a Family Day Out with soba, fall colors at Hoheikyo Dam and a footbath at Jozankei....and it was fun!
Nice, relaxing ordinary life...just what I needed. Okaasan seemed to enjoy a trip out...I'm obviously getting middle-aged when I enjoy this kind of drive-out-into-the-countryside.
Slippers and a pipe can not be far behind.



  1. Lovely photos! Okaasan is a tiny woman, isn`t she! I`m glad a nice day out made you feel better. Take care.

  2. Yup...OKaasan is tiny....but powerful.
    After we came home last night there was a fax from the bookshop about a magazine she'd ordered.
    I dropped her off near the bookshop on my way to dinner with a friend - and Okaasan scurried into the bookshop!
    At 79 and after a day out climbing steps and walking a dam etc..she was still able to scurry...