Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Taking it easy.

Not blogging much - just taking it easy.

gardening...watching endless Sex and the City on TV....all 3 Back to the Future movies...meeting a friend or two for lunch or dinner....hanging out at home. Going to the gym. Pulling up more weeds. Burying the kitchenwaste compost.

Okaasan is fine.
We had a big thing with her yesterday because she wanted to go to Mitsukoshi and buy a blouse that she'd seen. But she also wanted to follow the promptings of the saleswoman and join the department store Members Club. This is a very Japanese thing - every business has a "Members Club/Points Card"....and for this one you have to pay out some money and then you get shopping vouchers back one day.

Yujiro didn't want her to become a member - because she'd just lose the vouchers anyway, and she doesn't go shopping there much...but hard to disuade her. He tried the tack that the store has started closing other branches in Japan and may not be around a year from now to use the vouchers in.

Okaasan insisted that she had to go to the store in the morning - she'd promised the saleswoman. So while I started making lunch off she set.
And never returned.
Well, she returned. But at 4.30 pm. Claiming she hadn't eaten any lunch. And she hadn't bought the blouse anyway. God knows where she'd been!
Another Strange Tale from the Planet Okaasan.

Anyway. We had a nice lunch without her - cheese  from the UK, my homemade zucchini soup...

And we did a MAJOR clean out in her room - opened up all sorts of bags and threw out trash, vacumned, took away the kotatsu blanket for cleaning...did all the stuff it is hard to do when she is there.

got to get back to do nothing now...only 15 more episodes of Sex to watch.

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