Sunday, 27 September 2009

Too many shoppers...

Too many cooks spoil the broth?
in our house it's: Too many shoppers..

Last night Yujiro started preparing Oden. It's a kind of simmered pot of veggies, fish paste thingies and tofu stuff.
Then he went to get something from the fridge...and found a squid and three fish looking at him.
Okaasan had been out on another but-I-thought-today-was-a dental-appointment-trip...and after being being turned away by the dental receptionist went shopping instead and came home with squid and fish.
But she didn't say anything. Just put it in the fridge. And then he found it and felt obliged to change dinner plans mid-preparation and  start cooking HE was stressed with her, SHE was confused...and I just sat there and got bits of dinner as if appeared.

I felt for him. I really did. Because when you've planned and started cooking it's stressful to have to switch. But I also think he made it worse for himself: the fish could have waited until today to be cooked. She'd already forgotten buying it anyway.
And at least she'd put it in the fridge. Think how much worse it could have been if she'd left it in a bag under her living room table!!!

Aghhhhh!!!! on his behalf.

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