Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bite the bullet.

My New Year's Eve for 2009 is shaping up nicely - me and Okaasan sitting in the kitchen over bowls on instant noodles.......while a cheesy TV singing show plays in the background.


Yujiro came back from skiing last night all elated because he CAN ski again and the ski school have booked him in for work - December 31, January 1st, January 2nd... etc etc....
But the roads are so icy here at the moment - not enough snow cover - that we both agree that if he has the January 1st job he shouldn't drive back all the way from Kiroro just for one night. He should stay at his ski school near Otaru.

Which means dear friends: Okaasan may have to see in the new year with Oyomesan!

Her and me. Kitchen table. Soba noodles, TV singing show, chat....this is probably my bad khama coming back to bite me.

New Year dinner when Yujiro and I were a carefree couple was never noodles. Instead we had something delicious: steak or crab, champagne. And K-1 fighting on the TV. He'd come home from ski work around 5 pm, we'd eat dinner, drink and go to bed early - and on January 1st go private skiing together on the almost deserted ski grounds. A wonderful New Year.

This time?
I'll cook for his mum. He'll stay at the ski school lodge.
5.30 am I'll get a taxi to the airport.
Okaasan will spend January 1st daytime trying to forage for food in the kitchen.


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