Sunday, 6 December 2009

Conversation Merry-Go-Round . Year 2.

It's that time of year again - for the "I cooked New Year dinner for 20 people all on my own when my husband's office staff came to the house, we came back from Kawagoe on January 3 and I was so busy that evening because 20 people came to the house for dinner on the 4th. I cooked dinner for 20 people all on my own. They were my husband's office staff and they came to the house on January 4th or 5th. We went to Kawagoe and we came back and I cooked...."

I feel another year of familiar conversations heading my way.....aghhhhhh!!!!

I came home from work last night in a storm - wind, rain/snow...cold....everyone hurrying home from the downpour.
I had to stop the car to pick up an old lady who'd fallen facedown on the sidewalk and couldn't get up....poor thing...nobody else stopped, she was a bit of a bag-lady and I guess nobody wanted to go near her. I jumped out and put my arms round her waist and hauled her to her feet.

Anyway. Finally got home.5 pm
I opened the door and breathed out: Home.
Okaasan was in the entrance hall - JUST setting out for a walk!
I opened the front door again and showed her the swirling storm outside. You shouldn't go out. Bad weather etc etc.
No....she was going out for fresh air.
She spent the next 30 minutes actually trying to GET out - coming back into the house several times for umbrella, keys, bag, different umbrella, god-knows-what....and Yujiro said she's actually started getting ready to go out at 4 pm....

We called her at 7 pm (she was in the local supermarket again) and told hr dinner was ready...and finally at 7.30 pm she made it home. Looked SO cold.

Really a terrible night. But what cn we do? We can hardly pick her up and carry her back inside! If she wants to go out she goes out. But so strange that she didn't make the decision to cancel the walk. Nobody would SET OUT in that weather for a casual walk. Strange.

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