Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Home...sweet home?

I'm home.
Came home last night in a snow storm.

Yujiro came to my classroom after work and we talked.
He had spent the day talking to the Social Workers at the city office and getting a lot of advice. Then they recommended a local doctor who deals with dementia - and he phoned the clinic and got an urgent appointment for this coming Wednesday - for me and him. To talk about Okaasan and her care, and how or whether we can actually GET her into that building...what white lies do you have to tell to get a lady into a clinic when she thinks nothing is wrong...

So. I felt he had tried his utmost to come to grips with all of this.
And I agreed to come home and do it all together again.

He isn't 100% out of the dog house yet. He is still a man who hit someone in anger.
But I feel he is really making an effort and that some kind of progress is being made.

We DO wonder though how Okaasan will react to me being back in the house. Will she remember the fight? Will she go back to: Amanda is the stuff thief?
I was in the toilet just now and she was in the kitchen...I came out of the toilet and up the stairs SO quickly (painfully on my bad knee) so she wouldn't see me.
I'd prefer to hide on the second floor until tomorrow when we can see the doctor and ask his advice...but if I meet here, I meet her...it can't be helped. Just a cheerful "Hello" and carry on as normal?

I guess so.

But thankyou to all friends, students who have sent me supportive messages the past few days - in e mails and phone calls, only 2 people actually posted messages here..but about 10 people sent me love in other ways....thankyou.
I think this will happen again actually....so I feel we will all be back here again sometime...and that is a sad thought.


  1. Well, welcome home for the moment. It sounds like a lot of progress is being made and that all the stuff being swept under the carpet is at least now being looked at. I do hope that this doctor is a good man who can give hard, practical help.

    Be gentle with yourself.... I think not expecting too much is actually a good way to go at the moment.

    I'm not sure what else to say except that I am reading along and have been thinking about you a lot over the past few days. If you ever need to come here (say if you want to go somewhere you can't be found for a bit...) then PLEASE let me know.

  2. Thankyou Vicky...yes, if I need a bolt hole...my Sapporo friends are known...gosh, I HOPE it never comes to that...but if I see Okaasan?Yujiro reaching for a golf club and heading in my direction I will be jumping in the car and coming to you!!!!

  3. Welcome home. I echo everything Vicky said. Hopefully getting Okaasan the help and support she needs will also diminish the strain that you and (especially) Yujiro are having to cope with, and therefore make the chances of a recurrence of this terrible event less likely. Still thinking of you - hope you can come down from the second floor soon! xxx