Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I have a whole, wonderful day with Okaasan.
So so happy.

At dinner last night I gave her the concert tickets, all wrapped up nicely in a box and xmas paper - she seemed interested and happy about it. Not sure that she gathered she has to go to the concert WITH me...but hopefully Yujiro will be home early enough from skiing so I can use the car.

He's just left for his first skiing this year. First skiing since last year's ligament accident.
And it's the Emperor's Birthday. So everyone in Japan has the day off - and most people are having Christmas parties with friends and family because December 25 is just another working day in Japan.
It is a wonderful irony that on the Emperor's birthday most Japanese people are eating cake and chicken in a local version of a Christian festival. have to feed Okaasan lunch, get her primed to go out to the concert, take her to the concert, chat to her...
This is my Good Christmas Deed of the Season.

But I think I might chicken out of actually sitting down and having lunch with her....I don't think I have enough conversation for lunch AND concert...Yujiro often gets her to eat her lunch alone in the kithen while he goes out. Maybe I'll tell her a white lie and say I have to pop out for a while...
I so wish I could spend the day watching DVDs and thinking about Christmas dinner cooking on Friday..instead Okaasan Care looms large in my day.

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