Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Washed out...........

Pre-Christmas exhaustion.

Too many Last Class Parties and End of Year Parties - all fun - but coming all together, it just feels exhausting. I think I used to be good at end-of-year-class-parties. Now I think I am washed out on the whole thing.
I haven't actually been home and had dinner here since Saturday...I think.

Haven't actually spoken to Okaasan since...what...Sunday?

Now Yujiro is at another job interview and I have to get an easy dinner on the table for the 3 of us....and give Okaasan my present: the Xmas concert tickets for tomorrow.

Will she want to go? With me? Will I survive an hour or two with her?
Who knows.

I feel so so tired.
It's times like this I feel I actually want to stop ALL my classes and take a year off and go and travel somewhere and get away from responsible life.

And to top it all: I bought a big basket chair as Yujiro's Christmas present from a second hand furniture shop. It was delievered this evening. It doesn't fit through the hallway door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think we may have to return it to the shop. It's too big to enter the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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