Friday, 26 February 2010

A day of duty...

Skater Mao Asada got silver in Vancouver - and I worked, cleared snow and had dinner with my boyfriend's mother....

Another crazy warm day, so 9 cm of snow melted and at lunchtime when I was back home for 2 hours to watch the skating (thanks Tokiko for changing lesson time!) a delivery truck got stuck in the snow outside the house.
It was JUST as the Japanese skaters came on, and could see Okaasan thru the window giving the driver our shovel and standing outside watching him - so I stayed upstairs and left them to it. She doesn't have much apart from TV in her day, so it gave her a bit of entertainment!

Came home tonight and heated up curry from the freezer, shop-bought salad on plates, rice, soup...and pickles.
Okaasan came home about 7.20 pm and got her sitting down by 7.30 pm.
I thought she might have gone to see the hairsalon, but she said she had left late because of the delivery truck she hadn't got downtown yet.
Talked about the stuck delivery truck, the ice skating, Korea, Koreans in Japan, her Korean schoolfriend who stopped coming to school the day Japan lost the war, Okaasan's father from Sapporo, Kawagoe, the war, food shortages, how the Americans didn't bomb Kawagoe....round and round a few times.
When she chats in these endless loops she forgets to eat and despite promptings about the salad and the soup - she was still chatting on by gone-8 pm...I'd cleared some plates from the table, so finally I said: "So sorry Okaasan, I have to telephone step-mum is out of hospital and now it's mid-morning in England, so I should call"...and she happily waved me off and I left her to finish eating and do the dishes. 
It seems to work - this "I must call England" white lie.
It's something I learned from the Contented Dementia book, find some good, acceptable reason why someone is away or someone has to go - and once you've said the magic words the sufferer is happy to let you go.
With Yujiro"he's working/skiing/shopping" seems to work...with me "working/telephoning England/meeting a friend" seems to be ok too.

So. Duty done. It IS getting easier, I guess. 
It's still duty. But I can do it.
Just hope Yujiro doesn't decide he really needs to go and spend a second evening with the tax office temp staff tomorrow....I think I might fake a night out with a friend...

Duty done I came upstairs and watched the last two episodes of Sex and the City, which I've been rewatching recently. Carrie goes to Paris and Big comes to get her. Ahhhhh....wonderful stuff.
Cried again watching it all.
The whole final Miranda and Steve storyline gets me now. Steve's mother has a stroke and loses her marbles...Miranda has to go looking for her in Brooklyn and after finding her eating old pizza from the garbage, takes her home to give her a bath....Magda the housekeeper says:"Now you love" and kisses Miranda.
Cried buckets all over the kittens....

Next week is March 3. Doll's Festival. I came to Japan in 1992? 93? on March 3. Every year it's  day of a little reflection about how life took a funny turn when I took a plane to Narita.

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