Monday, 15 February 2010

Kitten drama.

Our kittens are sick and we don't know why.
It's been a horrible evening.

I got home about 5.15 pm and found Chichi sparked out with heaving sides. Little bits of sick were all over the living room carpet. Popo seemed ok - but stressed about his brother. He ate a bit - then he threw up too.

I hunted around - was it the stuffing from the mouse toy? was it the feathers from the mouse toy? Was it the plant soil bits?
This morning they were fine.
Cancelled my evening lesson - and rushed off withe them in the car to the vets.
Chichi had a temperature of 42. Popo is 39.7. Cats should be 38 degrees.
Not good. The vet said if they'd eaten something they should be ok after being sick a bit.
He wonders if it's a delayed reaction to the vaccines last week....or something else, a virus or something.

Came home with them and put them floppily on the blanket by the fire.
Had quiet dinner with Okaasan.
We saw watching TV..every so often one kitten gets up and yowls and retches.

It's awful. I can't do all of this again after Bob-cat.
Yujiro is sleeping on the sofa in the living room.
I'm going to try and sleep in the bedroom.
The kittens are on the electric blanket by the fire.
They are so small. This retching is awful to see.

We have the telephone number of the night emergency vets on standby. Our vets opens at 9 am.
Yujiro has to go to work at 8 am. I have a class at 10.30 am.

Last night the two kittens were hurtling round and round the living room chasing eachother merrily....what on earth is wrong?


  1. The poor things. Hope they vomit it all out of their system and are on the mend in the morning.

  2. Oh no..... I do hope they are both much better by morning. It's frustrating that the vet couldn't pinpoint what was going on. I'll be thinking of you tonight.