Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thankyou - Okaasan.

Trying to find things to say "Thankyou" to Okaasan about is hard.
The dementia-advice doctor we saw last year...and the book I read...both said carers need to make dementia sufferers feel needed and appreciated - and to praise what they can do successfully.

It's kind of hard. Because Okaasan doesn't actually DO anything to help my life.
She sits and watches TV all day. She goes to the toilet. She washes underwear and leaves it around. She goes out walking and comes home beyond dinner time. She offers to wash up - but often forgets to do it.

But I have finally found something: asking her to be the refuge for the house plants - away from kitten-attacks!

Her living room is usually warm (apart from when she throws open the windows every morning for fresh air...and forgets to close them for 20 minutes)...and it is sunny. If she doesn't over-water the plants...they have a better chance than in MY living room on the second floor.

*  And in other positive news - Okaasan actually LIKED my cooking last night. I made a couscous pilaf with lots of fish and vegetables and she ate 4 portions of it....

* And in not so good step-mum has been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. She didn't want to go there, but the doctor insisted. So there she is again. Hopefully not for long...

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