Tuesday, 23 February 2010

This and That

Quiet weekend...and into another week.
Okaasan is a bit under the weather, and thus under the kotatsu with a cough at the moment.

Yesterday was foul weather: windy and cold and wet.
But Okaasan went out to Hula dance class and came back about 6 p.m. - I only saw her briefly because I was just going out to pick up some students from the station.
They were coming to dinner - and of course to see kittens - but by the time I got back with them into the house Okaasan had retreated to the kotatsu and Yujiro said she wouldn't be joining us for dinner.

So we ate dinner, enjoyed kittens and watched the unlikely "sport" of ice dancing on TV.

Okaasan seems ok this morning, but I can hear her coughing. Generally she doesn't wear enough clothes when she goes out - because bundling up isn't what a stylish Saitama lady does - so it isn't too surprising that she gets chills. Hopefully she'll be upright on the carpet today.

I must think of some way to get her to a hairdresser. Recently she commented many times that she looks untidy when she sees herself in the mirror - and of course she does look bad with straggly gray hair all akimbo.
The Hula Dance friend doesn't seem to be taking her along physically to introduce her to the hair salon "opposite Mitsukoshi"...and I can't think of WHICH salon this is....so sometime when Yujiro or I are downtown with Okaasan we must hunt around with her and get her booked into a salon.
I'm not a girly girl person at all, and my hair looks horrendous most of the time - but even I know that women feel better after the hair salon and Okaasan hasn't been for months.

I'll just add it to the: Must Do With/For Okaasan list.

* Meanwhile in England - my step-mum was in a big city hospital last week with pneumonia. Now she has transferred to the local hospital and will hopefully go home again this week.

* and the kittens? Super cute! Still. They discovered their reflections in the bedroom mirror this weekend...and have started climbing the curtains determinedly.


  1. They are VERY cute kittens and it's such a relief to see them well again.

    Good luck with taming baachan's hair.

  2. I reckon I have as much hope of taming the kittens as I do of taming the hair.....they are both wild and unstoppable.....