Monday, 15 February 2010

Weekend with Okaasan....

Okaasan and Oyomesan - alone for the weekend.

It went ok. No big dramas. But it felt like responsibility and work.
Saturday afternoon I got home from work - she asked to borrow some money because she claimed to have none. I think Yujiro had given her some...but I gently and politely gave her more anyway. She wrote the amount on the kitchen notice board so she could remember it!
It's interesting that she seems to accept not going to banks/post offices and getting her own money. Yujiro gives her small amounts. I gave her Y1,000.

Of course that meant that she went out shopping at 5 pm.
At 7 pm she wasn't home.
At 7.10 pm I started eating dinner alone. (secretly happy of course!)
At 7.25 I called Yujiro at the ski area and asked him to use the GPS to track her.
He found that she was heading home from the supermarket.
I finished my dinner.
At 7.45 pm she arrived back.
I served her dinner and chatted for 5 minutes.
Then I faked a "the phone upstairs in ringing, it might be England" and disappeared.
10 minutes later I got down to the kitchen again and pointed out that the Olympics Opening Ceremony was on TV.
Got her settled by her TV.
Started MY evening....

Sunday I cooked lunch for her and served it.
She asked to borrow more money. I gave her Y2,000.
Told her Yujiro would be home later...we chatted about rich HongKongers and ski lessons.
Then I went to meet a friend for a scary movie - Paranomal Activity....very very good.
We came back to play with the kittens....and just as I was serving dinner Yujiro arrived back.
The 4 of us ate together.

It was all ok. But caring for this lady feels like work. I actually feel closer and get more personal interaction from my students...

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