Friday, 2 April 2010

Okaasan injured???!

I was going to write a chirpy blog about how Okaasan is so good at talking to strangers and getting them to help her.
Today, by chance, I was on the same subway train as she went downtown to buy that concert ticket.
She was sitting talking with a middle aged woman, on the platform, on the train...and then at Odori station the woman was holding Okaasan's hand and showing her the way to the north exit!
Yes, I was kind of spying...but actually she left the house before me and I noticed her on the platform and decided to let her enjoy meeting the other woman etc, who I guessed was showing her the way to the newspaper office ticket window for events.

So. I was going to write that.

Yujiro got home at 6 pm, Okaasan was on the doorstep without a housekey and said she'd fallen down and twisted her wrist a bit.

I came home at 6.30 pm and cooked dinner. When we called her into the kitchen to eat we were shocked at what the bright kitchen light revealed.

She has a terrible bruising/grazing and swelling to her mouth, jaw and left eye and temple. Looks like the boxer who lost. She can't remember of course. She thinks she "fell forward" somewhere. But doesn't know where. It seems to be only her face. But we don't know.
Ironically in downtown Sapporo now the ice has gone. Today was a wonderful, warm spring day.
And she doesn't know if she bought the concert ticket or not.

She was very low at dinner and her mouth hurt. But she drank soup and ate rice and Korean pancakes. Drank Japanese tea. Went back to the kotatsu.

What on EARTH happened?
When  saw her just before 11 am she was having fun walking hand in hand with some woman in the station. And 6 hours later she has nasty face injuries.

We'll see how she feels tomorrow. But of course, she'll refuse to go to a doctor anyway and will take the No Eating and Let Me Sleep course of action.

I heard a bit of a horror story from a  student a few days ago - her 90 year old father-in-law fell in February, but seemed ok. 3 weeks later he got up one day and couldn't walk! Finally diagnosed as blood seeping inside his was drained off and he was ok.
But falls and hits to the head at any age are bad. And Okaasan has really take a bashing.

I complain big time about Okaasan I know. But I worry about her too.

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  1. Oh dear! I do hope that by tomorrow her face will be much better and that she won't need to be persuaded to go to a doctor....

    Poor Okaasan....