Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The other knee...progress report.

Knees have been a big feature of this blog in the past year: mine and his.
His knee is doing great - nasty scar and clips, but all working well.

So time for MY knee to come on stage and take a bow.
Yesterday - my busy Tuesday - I got home and thought: Hey! No Pain! Yeah!

True. Did all the walking of my Tuesday, home to NHK, teach 90 mins, then Odori to Shin-Sapporo by subway, teach 2 90-minute classes, then home by subway...and NO PAIN!

After a year of agony, pain and swelling this is such, such good news.
Like dieting (which is also going well at the moment thanks to a banana at breakfast thing), you can best measure progress by trying to put on your old clothes.
My old routines are the best measure of how the knee is doing.
My next goal: to get to the kaiten sushi bar at the far end of Shin-Sapporo station for lunch in between classes.  I haven't been there is almost a year, because it was too far to walk....but maybe I can next month???


  1. Woo Hoo! That is seriously good news. I think this year is shaping up to be a much better one than last year. Could you send me some of your dieting vibes though? I'm losing it a bit here....

    There's an AFWJ lunch get together this Saturday, with three whole people coming so far, but we are all nice! Would you like to join us? We are meeting at the station and will eat somewhere in the building.

  2. Thankyou Vicky - yes, I feel this year is going to be better...I feel it! And now I appreciate the small stuff so much more, I walked along in the drizzle yesterday feeling happy - just walking without pain, going to work...feeling ok with it all.

    Saturday? i'd love to! But I have a 1 pm class.....and then a 2.30 pm too.....what time do you all meet?

  3. Bum..... 12 O'clock. But we don't always meet on a Saturday, nor at lunchtimes necessarily so if it was an evening Saturday or a lunchtime Sunday another time I will let you know.