Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oyome-san Duty Day 1

Two years ago Yujiro had THIS all fitted into his left knee.
He crashed into a tree at Niseko, on the last day of ski instructors' spring training camp.

We didn't know it at the time - but it was the first of a series of Shitty Life Events for us....two years of stuff...injury, Okaasan cometh, England family dramas with car crash, injury, mystery faints, hospitals, brushes with death, Okaasan playing up, damaged knees, father died,  cat died, unemployment...

So in about 2 hours from now Yujiro will have a big operation in Kutchan Hospital near Niseko to have 14 pins and 3 plates taken out.

And I am home looking after Okaasan for 3? 4? oh my God...FIVE days?

He decided not to tell Okaasan about this operation, so I am also doing the whitelies: "He's working at the ski resort, he is staying at the ski resort, he came home late last night, he left early this morning etc etc"

Last time I had her like this alone she was ok...but after 3 days she was beggining to realize she hadn't actually seen her darling boy for a while and that this bad-cooking/strange-speaking foreign woman was holding the fort.

The kittens are giving me hell at the moment too. They woke at 3.30 am...I got up for an hour with them...then they and I fell asleep again until 9.30 am! Much needed sleep.

I started cooking Okaasan's lunch at 10.45 am...and told her at 11.05 it was ready....and she said: "Oh, it's only 11 o'clock, I don't have to eat now, later is better..."

As I was standing there with fried rice in the pan all ready to serve...I almost threw it at her. But I kept my cool and said cheerfully: "Well, you often eat just after 11 am don't you!" and finally got her to the table 10 minutes later...I lied and told her that I am having lunch with a friend downtown later....I'll eat out later on when I go for a woodchip sauna....the "friend" is me myself. Two meals with Okaasan in one day is too many.'s gonna be SUCH a fun few days.

And my man is in hospital and having an operation. Just a routine thing yadda yadda...but....still's 2 hours away from Sapporo so there is no point in me going  there today because he'll be groggy etc....and then I have lessons the rest of this week....

So. Oyomesan be strong!

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  1. Hope you can get through it all ok. Sounds very stressful! You might need alot of those sauna's to get you through it.