Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Still no hula............

No - Okaasan didn't go again.
She feels the bruising round her eye is still bad, which it really isn't.
And so she stayed home again.

But, she had a bath. She ate lunch. She ate dinner. She even stepped outside and hung laundry....and rearranged the hung laundry several times.

So. We hope she is getting there. But that fall 12 days ago is still rippling round her life.

Meanwhile the kittens - Chichi in particular - is driving us to destruction. He hurdled the babygate and the plastic sheet and got into the kitchen/toilet hallway about 7 times between 4.30 am and when I finally left to work exhausted at 9 am.
After work Yujiro and I met at the homecare center for a long walk, talk and think - HOW to block off the bottom of the stairs? We looked at loads of stuff, gates, wood, plastic sheets, frames.....and finally Yujiro came up with big magnets as a possible.
At the time of blogging Chichi is foxed. But it's only been 12 hours....

In England - my step-mum sounds great. She is enjoying spring flowers. She walked down the garden (with sticks) to see Dad's ash scattering place - she's been out visiting a stately home in her wheelchair and with her helper...she's getting stuck into parish politics again and worrying about the health of family and friends.
It's wonderful. I truely never expected her to get back home and lead this life again. She nearly died several times last year and now she is home and enjoying a new season in the garden.
She still has the live-in carer. But she said that the other morning she got herself up out of bed and dressed and made breakfast herself - huge progress.

And now....Yujiro has just left to go to Kutchan and the hospital.
Tomorrow will be his operation to remove the pins and plates from his leg.
He will stay in hospital 3 or 4 nights at least.
Oyome-san Duty starts now.


  1. What a great blog! And what a great amalgamation of cultures - cultures of nations, cultures of generations, cultures of gender. So many of your experiences remind me of the journey I find myself on with my mother. However, I appreciate reading about the singular twists you face crossing those cultural boundaries. Keep it up!
    P.S.: Hope to read from you again at www.dementiadays.com

  2. Good luck! I hope it goes okay.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Thankyou ladies!

    Yes, I started this blog because a student suggested it would be a good way to share the thoughts about suddenly-living-with-Japanese-mother-in-law-situation...
    At the time I didn't really understand that Okaasan had dementia - and so I am learning all sorts of stuff about living with another generation/living as a J-family/living with dementia/living with stress/living with kittens....

    Thanks for your positive thoughts!