Friday, 2 April 2010

Wively duties.

Persuaded Yujiro to come home between ski lessons - SO much better for  everyone!
All the snow has melted from the main roads and he can get home in about 90 minutes, so to reward him for the effort I did the whole Dinner-on-the-Table routine that Good Wives should do.

Bought the fish that we like, made up the soup, rice, veggies, salad and pickles - had it all ready to go at 7 p.m., we actually were just starting to eat when Okaasan came home so we could all sit there as the Ideal family and eat and talk.
So much better.
I can see how attractive it must be to stay at the ski school at the end of the day and NOT have to drive 90 mins. back to Wife and Mother, plus Krazy Kittens - but if you make the effort and come Wife will reward you. With food at least.

Okaasan thinks she has asked an event ticket office to reserve a ticket for her to a concert. We've just given her the money to go and pay for it. It's a little sad that she has no friends to go to concerts with, but great that she saw something she would like to go to and is making a plan. We just have to find a way to get the ticket OFF her, because from now until June it could end up anywhere in the trash piles of her room...

Chichi can now jump and switch on/off the bedroom light by the hanging cord AND make a dash for the babygate and get down the stairs towards the kitchen. He actually made it into the kitchen this morning - Okaasan was a bit shocked.
Maybe Chichi would like to take over kitchen duties completly and cook for all of us?

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