Saturday, 15 May 2010

Accentuate the positive...

Is that how you spell "accentuate"????
I can't be bothered to check. Lazy blogger.

The knee is maybe a little better. The doctor said a few days for the acid stuff to kick in. And I haven't been walking much. Every time I sit down I try to stick my leg up on something. At my own classroom is it usually easy - under the table I can stretch my leg onto the nearest, unused chair.

Okaasan seems ok.
Fairly normal conversation a lot of the time. It's these spells which make you think all is well.
She chatted to Yujiro about the local political candidate the other night, and apart from a few coversational repetitions, it all seemed fine.

Then last night at dinner she said she'd eaten at the Korean restaurant at lunchtime, I had my mouth after I finished chewing I swallowed my food and said: "Korean food is delicious isn't it?" - hoping to set her off on the Korean Food/New York JTB guide/Best in the World story....
But Okaasan looked surprised and looked at the food on her plate.
"Is this Korean food?"
"No! You just said you ate Korean food at lunchtime..."
"Did I. Hmmm"
"Yes, in England there aren't many Korean restaurants, but in New York...there are many...."
"New York? hmmm...."

No response. No flow into the usual stories....
So strange.

Yesterday Yujiro finished work a little early and went with Okaasan to shop for trousers. She claims to only have one pair. She couldn't find what she wanted. I feel sure there MUST be another pair somewhere in her room. When she is out I'll have a look. I don't think she knows what clothes she has really.

Fruitbowl: still in the kitchen.

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