Monday, 24 May 2010

No dinner...again.

I cooked dinner.
Okaasan didn't eat it again.

This time it was her sleeping which got in the way.
She was sleeping deeply from about 4.30 when we woke her up around 7 p.m. she was all befuddled and didn't want to eat.

Should we just let her sleep? Should we wake her and try to keep her connected in on the scheule of the day?

After all she is almost 80 years old and older people sleep. But she sleeps so much.
Of course her room arrangement doesn't help: she sits on the carpet with her back against the sofa, her lower half under the heated blanket...and often just keels over sideways onto the nearest pile of newspapers/underwear/pillow when the TV gets a bit boring.

Yesterday she was awake 7.30 am to at least 9 a.m. cooking fuki in the kitchen.
I took Yujiro to work and stayed in town 2 hours to buy a digital camera (there WILL be pictures on this blog when I work out how to use it....)
I came home at 11.15 a.m. and Okaasan - surprisingly - was out. The fuki was all finished.
She came home around 1.30 pm.
At 2.30 pm I talked to her and saw that she'd bought pre-cooked fish and bits and pieces and eaten them for lunch - we chatted a bit.
By 4.30 pm she was asleep.
Still asleep at 7 pm.

So at 7.15 pm we ate dinner and Okaasan came and sat at the table with us, drinking water and giving Yujiro grief over Not Wearing Sunscreen.

By 7.45 pm she was back in front of the TV.
By 8.30 she was half sleeping again.

I guess it doesn't matter so much. She ate lunch. She chatted to us in the morning, afternoon and evening. And slept.
If she was in an old people's home the nurses might come along and wake her up...but in a busy home maybe not...

* The fuki was good. Not blow-your-mind-delicious ...but ok in a cooked celery kind of way. We made sure to praise Okaasan's cooking efforts a lot. But she didn't eat it...

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