Monday, 14 June 2010

Bare minumum service.

Oyomesan did bare minimum service for Okaasan yesterday.
Made lunch. Got her to the table. Chatted for about 3 minutes about the weather. Left her to eat it. Went out to get sushi for her dinner. Set it out on the table mid-afternoon in a coldbox. Called her into the kitchen and explained it to her. Left her to it.

The rest of the Sunday I did my own thing - round the side of the house with the ever confidently-exploring kittens, reading newspapers, watching TV, email...sleep.....and went out late afternoon to meet friends and Yujiro downtown for all the fun of the Yosakoi Dance Festival. Ate beer and meat downtown and came home later. Even the knee was ok-ish and I could walk about 3 city blocks with the help of a stick.

But my servicing of Okaasan was the basic needed.
She isn't to blame for the last few days of evening wandering and absences from dinner ready on the table. But it leaves me with a "Don't Care" attitude. Why bother to put effort into her when there isn't anything back?
I'd rather have a day off and enjoy it.
Can't be bothered to sit in the kitchen and give her some chattime.
I know it's bad. She needs some mental stimulation.
But it's easier to let her just sit in front of the TV and shuffle around doing hand laundry.

Some of my students think I'm some kind of sweet woman for taking on the co-caring of Okaasan. But they have a false impression. In English classes I am animated and friendly. But I'm paid to be that. It's my job.
When I'm home and resting up it takes super-effort to make an effort for Okaasan. If she had a Japanese daughter-in-law she'd get so much more chat. I am absolulutely guilty of getting by with the minimum of human to human interaction.

I confess it.

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