Monday, 16 August 2010

Flying the flag..........

Sapporo Beer Festival....Saturday night costume party.....
I reckon David Beckham and Seb Coe will soon be asking me to join them aboard a London Double Decker for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics!

A quiet weekend actually...apart from wearing a flag and rabbit ears in public.

Stayed home and watched TV, did some gentle gardening, did gentle workout at the gym - although a little nervous about stomach exercises!
Fed Okaasan....talked to her a bit. She is ok, but looks hot and has wild woman hair again.
I told her I have ovary problems, because I have a HUGE blood bruise on my arm where the nurse mucked up the blood test hole...I thought Okaasan might notice this large mark on my arm.

Not much empathy from her. She commented that the blood test nurse wasn't very skilled, and then went straight on to how she never ever gets sick and goes to hospitals because she follows Nishi-sensiei's advice about Not Eating etc etc etc.
Great! If only Not Eating would solve ovarian cysts then we would all be happier.

Anyway - getting lots of more positive support from friends and Blog readers! Thankyou everyone. I feel fine...fat, but fine. And I move a bit cautiously and try not to eat or drink too much.
Off to work today for a full day. Tomorrow no work (apart from a video narration job in the evening) - and at 3.30 I'll be stretched out in an MRI machine.

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