Friday, 20 August 2010


Going to the hospital 4 hours from now. First got some classes.

Is it my over-fertile imagination or is this thing growing bigger? I couldn't put on and fasten my cream, work trousers this morning. Just too uncomfortable. Now wearing a big, roomy sundress.
And I feel a pain more. Didn't want to bend down to do my shoes. Easier to put my feet on a chair and bend to that.

I hope they decide to get it out of me soon: next week would be great.

THANKYOU everyone for messages of support - specially the Blog Lurkers who have come out of anonymity to wish me well. I feel your love and support.
But it's good that I live in a country with hopefully good medical science where they can identify this and act on it. Imagine living hundreds of years ago where this happens - you would just think a sudden pregnancy, or a impregnation by the Devil.
A student with a wicked sense of humour pointed out yesterday that maybe this was khama coming back at me - because my April Food Joke to students on my English School Blog this year was..."I'm pregnant!".

Anyway. onwards to whatever happens today.


  1. Good luck at the hospital today. Whatever the news, things are happening and action is being taken and information is being gathered, all great things. As you said, just think what this would have been like even just 50 years ago. I do hope they will be able to get rid of this for you SOON and you can go back to your normal svelte (and genki) self.

  2. I'm sending you the very best of well wishes. Hopefully it is nothing that can't be dealt with easily.

  3. Good luck today! I hope it goes well.