Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I'm baaaack....with holes.

Why can't Japnese nurses FIND my veins?
Are we foreigners in proud posession of narrow veins or something?
I look like Rocky . After he lost. Or the domestic violence victim. Last week's blood bruises to the right arm and today's two attempts on my left arm.
Running out of arm space.

So. Did the MRI.
As I imagined - the injections of the Contrast Medium needle was far the worst part of the afternoon. I hate injections. I look away at the plastic curtain in the corner and make a lot of la-di-da-da-da noises.
Then the MRI. I was led into the room with nothing but the big machine.
Stretched out, wrapped with a heavy blanket thing around my lower half and slid in to bake for 30 minutes. I closed my eyes from the moment they slid me inside the machine. Didn't think this was the time to discover a fear of enclosed spaces.
My arms were awkwardly raised across my chest, but too high to be comfortable. One hand was holding the Panic Button.
I lay there. Listened to the technobeat of the machine, interspersed by machine-gun fire. I tried to visualise nice things: my kittens' faces, flowers in the garden, Yujiro in the sexy apron at the beer garden the other night....

At half time the nurse came in to shoot me with MORE of the Contrast Medium...which makes me think they couldn't see clearly the Monster Melon in my body and wanted to get a better picture to show at medical conferences next year when they write up their research papers on this.

And then, thankfully it was over.
I emerged sweaty and relieved.
Had a cry in the corridor and the elevator. A week ago I didn't know about all of this. Now it is all looming larger and larger (literally probably too).

Yujiro and I will go back on Friday afternoon to see the doctor and find out the details of the Melon Monster.

I left the hospital feeling wrung through. Took myself downtown to the new Hokkaido Sweets Cafe in Odori and ate a huge chocolate cake and creamy coffee. Saw Yujiro briefly when he finished work.
And then went to a recording studio and did a 30 minute video narration about Historic Otaru and its old buildings......putting on the Nice English Woman Voice.

Home to dinner.

Now gonna relaaaaxxxx.


  1. I had an MRI earlier this year for a dental situation I had going on, so I missed all the contrast injections, but it wasn't fun. Mine lasted about 5 minutes and freaked me out...so I congratulate you for lasting 30 minutes.

    I hope you and the doctors can figure out the best treatment with out too many more holes in your arms. Sorry....gentle hugs...from a person you don't know, but nonetheless....hugs

  2. That sounds uncomfortable with the injections and arms and things. If they write a case report be sure to send it my way for proof reading ;)
    I hope your veins recover from your panicking nurses hands- I'm pretty sure that they're worrying about your foreign-ness rather than your veins being smaller..

  3. You don't have to go to jp to experience that. I've just gone through my own set of blood taking and it's harrowing because my veins are very deep set, they ended up having to take from the top of my foot. At least they could get some from a normal place from you! :) At least the MRI is over now, will be waiting to hear with crossed fingers and toes about the results and sending positive energy your way xx

  4. I am de-lurking to send you good vibes. I'm sure you'll be OK. I always enjoy reading your posts and I really do admire you.


  5. Good Morning Oyomesan

    I'm a lurker too. Just wanted to send you best wishes and warm hugs re unwanted melon results.

    Oh, and I enjoy your blog too!!

    Margaret M