Monday, 23 August 2010

The Melon Diet

I've lost weight.
After all that worrying about my body over the past year with the knee and no exercise. banana diets etc etc
I stepped on the scales yesterday at an onsen. Have lost weight.
This is the alternative to the scary Stomach Stapleing that some obese Americans go in for. My version of this is to develop a Mammoth Melon Cyst in your body...and you won't WANT to put much food in there with it!
So there IS a silver lining in this health cloud.
I think I'll stop mixing my metaphors, it'll all end in disaster.

Had a quiet day. I escaped home and left Yujiro to do a big BBQ with his friends, after alerting my friends to the fact that I really wasn't up for a BBQ.
So, like Okaasan who tries to escape a garden full of people...I ran away (through the front door) and collected big clothes from friends, had  haircut to make something right in my life, had a sleep on the futon in the classroom and spent a few hours with a friend at the city hotel hot spring....
Spotted a stomach stitching operation scar on one old women in the bath...will mine look like that next month?

I got home about 8 pm to find the BBQ finished. Yujiro sitting drunk and happy on the sofa. The cats fed. Okaasan NOT fed - Yujiro forgot to feed her!!!!
I left it to him to go downstairs and do a slice of pizza and salad for her.
He actually didn't know if she'd come home and eaten anything....
So glad he remembered the cats. It fills me with confidence for next month when I am not there.
At least Chichi and Popo will get fed.

And now onto another week of work.
I bought some big clothes...from the maternity section of the clothes shop.
And a huge bra.
Buying big clothes...but actually losing weight...but getting bigger.


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