Monday, 30 August 2010

Scaring yourself SXXXXXXXless.

Will you LOOK at this thing?

A 23 kg tumor from an Argentinian woman's uterus!


(and she too thought she was "getting a bit fat"....)

Many thanks to Vicky - who I know from her blog Hyotenka - a fellow gaijin-lady in Hokkaido who told me about this story.

I called her last night to get the inside information about what-will-happen-in-a-Japanese-hospital-when-I-have-an-operation.
VERY useful, direct conversation about body parts and things they stick inside you and feeling and what they me lots of things to worry about in the coming 2 and a half weeks.

Apart from that, a very restful Sunday.
I stayed home all day and read newspapers. Watched TV. Watched the cats catch bugs. Had a quiet lunch with Okaasan. Dozed. Looked at my stomach a million times in the mirror. (obsessive? moi?) Cooked the potatoes for dinner. Slept.

Onwards into the coming week. Am going to be real careful about overdoing work....last Tuesday afternoon I felt very sick. Don't want to get anywhere near that feeling again.


  1. Hiya Oyome-san, I've just started reading your blog through some blog hopping but just wanted to check in and say I'm hoping all goes well with your melon. You have another supporter in Kansai! Definitely agree with you on not over-doing work, take it easy as you can without going crazy!

  2. It's amazing isn't it....just mindboggling to have that thing inside you and not's the weight of an elementary school kid....
    Mine is tiny by comparison!