Friday, 24 September 2010

Do you wanna see it?

Do you wanna see my cyst?


It's officially a benign Mucinous Cystadenoma.

Here is the picture that Yujiro took after the operation....when the doctor came out to
meet him with,,,,

are you sure???

Scroll down if you dare... comes...


This is it.

On the left is my right ovary (normal size) and looking rather like something that Japanese izakiyas serve with a bit of soy sauce and ginger...and on the right is the remains of the 20cm X 9 cm bag of water and globule bits that is the cyst in my body for the past few months....yes, that thing looking like a chicken skin bag of eggs....I may never be able to prepare raw chicken again. And maybe you too. The doctor drained off a lot of water first and then pulled it all out of my body through a 7 cm long cut up my stomach.

And now for some better pictures.

 View from my bed - even the local apartment building is pink...and I could see Mount Teine.
 Yup....I DO have a pink nightdress actually...
 Some of the many flowers from students and friends.
 My stomach now.....6-7 cm cut....and a bruise.
Bikini modelling is maybe still a job option.
Hospitl life....

Tonight I am home.
I decided to pee in a trash box (thanks to last year's crazies with Okaasan and know I can do that) and come home and risk a 3kg cat jumping on my stitches.
Okaasan is in a washing frenzy before her 2night trip to the family wedding near Tokyo tomorrow. I did a basic "I'm home, I'm ok thankyou" with her...and I'M leaving Yujiro to take her out to dinner and sort her out.

My pussy cats are a bit manic. But happy. Maybe.

And I m going to be quiet.

Thankyou to many people who came to see me in hospital, it was a bit busy and tiring some days. I'm sorry if I wasn't great of freewhen you came.

Time to go and relax again.


  1. Welcome home, Oyome-san. I'm glad everything went well and I hope you are able to get plenty of rest (and cheese fondue!) over the next few weeks.

  2. Oh my, that is amazing. Do you have much pain? Glad you are home and can see your kitties. I had to be in hospital for a while when I was pregnant, I think I missed my cat more than my husband! Take it easy.

    T in Tokyo

  3. oh wow, that IS amazing! i had no idea.

    i hope you are feeling better. sorry i haven't commented lately.