Thursday, 30 September 2010

Escape to the mountains

I did escape - and had as good a day as can be expected.

It was a crazy weather day - a tropical depression or something - crazy clouds, storms, sunshine, rain, wind chasing eachother across Hokkaido in a wild scurry.

Yujiro and I climbed into the car and drove to Jozankei, a famous onsen village south of Sapporo. Then we drove up to Kokusai ski area - and got out to admire the deserted ski area, look at trees starting to change color and use the toilets. It's the ski area where we met actually.
Then we drove back along the dam lake and the dam back to Jozankei and had noodles for lunch in an old noodle restaurant full of road construction guys.

Then we drove home via the supermarket, the Suzuki dealer garage and UNIQLO (soft trousers for stitched tummy cos I can't even think about jeans at the moment)...and then home to cats, TV and salmon for dinner with Okaasan.

It was fine. Good. I love mountains and trees and sky.
I got more upset in the evening.
I lit a candle in front of a photo of Dad and Jane.
I watched a magic show on Tv.
I exchanged sweet e mails with their financial adviser who knew them both for years.
I cried a little

I went to bed.

I've just got up and my oldest friend has sent me an e mail telling me about the funeral. I think she's going to phone me too.
Another day.

Time to take these cats outside. They are going crazy all over the computer desk.


  1. It sounds like you spent the day in a way that was reflective and life-affirming. I'm so glad that you got out of the house and did something like this.

    I am sorry that you had to go through all of this, especially all at once.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. onwards. and upwards - in your stretchy pants and not moving too fast mind you. Can't say it sounded like a restful day but nice that you got out and about to nature. I hope the funeral went as well as these things can. Hugs.