Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A funeral a long way away.

Today is Jane's funeral.
She is there. I am here.

What on EARTH do you do or think or feel on such a day?

I have no idea.

Last night I talked to her sister, about the funeral and even more about the house and its contents and who-is-having-what in the family. It's great of course that the many nieces and nephews can take furniture and possessions. It's great.
But still.
Strange to be talking about things in the house and who will come-and-get-it.
I have booked my airticket for October 20th to 31st and ANA's website seems to be letting me use those blasted airmiles I accumulated last year so the ticket comes down to Y72,000.

By the time I get there the house will look so different. So many gaps and emptiness.
Maybe it's best because I will get my brain around the fact that THAT part of my life is finished.

And so. Maybe today I should get out of the house and get up in the mountains in the car and breath some fresh air. Peer into the future or something poetic.
The funeral is at 2.30 pm in England. My oldest friend is going to read a tribute on my behalf.
Jane's ashes will be kept untlil I go to the UK so we can scatter them under the same tree in the garden where I scattered dad's ashes last year. Well, not scattered - dug in to the hard Cotswold soil.

At home: here....terrible rain all day. Okaasan slept and woke up to eat lunch and dinner cooked by me. Yujiro came home early and we spent the afternoon watching TV. Watched Sixth Sense..."I see dead people" and all that.

Funny what you do and think when someone dies.