Sunday, 10 October 2010

Watershed weekend.

I'm baaaack!
And twice as feisty.
Gone is the sad little woman with a stitched stomach.
Gone is the sad little woman who was mourning a house and its contents, rather than people.
Gone is the middle aged frump with a bad knee.

In their place: SUPER ME!

I think I'll calm down now before I damage something.

But I do feel tonnes better.
The weekend in Tokyo has made me feel refreshed and positive.

Maybe it was Adam Power! Good concert - not great actually because he was having technical problems and his voice sounded strained rather scarily early in his world tour - but good. Yujiro talked me and him into seats up on the first floor balcony of the theater-like venue and we could really see the stage and all the backstage too...and he sang and he strutted his stuff. (Adam not Yujiro).
He sang a lot of the slower songs I like, but mixed it up with the sexy, campy glam-rock stuff too and it was amazing to think that after all this time of seeing him on TV and You Tube videos ...there he was about 20 meters away on stage.

It was SO good to get away from home, Okaasan, the cats, the hospital, work, worries about England - just go to the airport with a friend and Yujiro and get on a plane and fly away.
Met up with another friend at the JCB Hall near Tokyo Dome and joined 3,000 young women and a few oldies with taste for the concert. Then afterwards a late dinner in a baseball theme restaurant, and then two nights stay and chat with my old roommate and her husband. Yujiro kept in phone contact with Okaasan and made sure she was remembering to go out and eat somethingat local restaurants with the money he'd given her, and two friends sent reassuring emails that they'd actually seen the cats when they went into feed them.

All relaxing fun.
The day of the concert was tiring, because I had to walk and stand on trains. But the next day I walked by the Sumida River, went to see the Sky Tree Tower being built and hung out in my friend's home....and actually my body felt ok. The knee a little swollen, and still in need of a good sleep...but getting better. :=)
I can actually imagine working in the coming week and 10 days from now doing an international flight and then all the stuff that awaits in England for me.

Yes I can. Do all of that.

Now home for a long holiday weekend. I went to see one of the programs at the Short Film Festival downtown...and enjoyed a few normal hours alone, just doing stuff downtown gently....Okaasan had bought some food and washed the kitchen cloth for us, the cats caught a mole tonight and brought it squeaking into the apartment... and I'm negotiating a bit of "stuff" with my step-aunt over the house clearing in England...while I book a shipping crate to bring things back to Japan later this month.

I think I can do it.


  1. I'm sure you can do it!

    It is so good to hear you back to genkiness! Remember to be careful though, if you are anything like me after my surgeries you will feel wonderful then overdo it, then crash. I found I had very little gap between full of energy and total empty. Be careful for a little while longer!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you had a good weekend. Too bad Adam wasn't technically perfect, but still it sounded like you had fun anyway.

    Wishing you strength and fortitude in the coming few weeks.

  3. great you had such a fantastic time away. Pity Yujiro wasn't strutting his stuff, would have liked to hear about that :)

    I hope okaasan wasn't too strained from the effort of cleaning your dish cloth.

    Glad you got to refresh. You were in desperate need for some okaasan time out. Hope all the stuff back home gets sorted smoothly.

    Our cat caught a mole yesterday morning - a baby one. We thought it was a mouse until upon closer inspection it appeared to be a mole. Almost cute but not sad as bastards wreck our lawn.