Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wrapping things up...here....

24 hours till I switch lives again: Japan to England.
One more day of classes and then the evening-before-rush of last minute stuff before the dawn wake up and airports.

Dominated sadly by stuff from England - via emails - about tensions over who-gets-what in the Dad and Jane's house. Can't blog about it really - what one fellow blogger calls "unbloggables" - but it IS sad that less than a month after a funeral people are getting into How Much That Is Worth and If He Is Getting This, I Should Be Getting This.
I've already agreed (but not actually signed the paperwork yet) to take a backseat in executer duties on Jane's will. With me living in Japan it would just slow things up tremendously to have all documents copied to me and signed by me - so my step-aunt and her daughter will take on the main executer powers.
But still - I know that the next 2 weeks will be stressful with decisions and differences of opinion about stuff that practically and legally will be beyond my control.
Never mind scattering ashes, packing up a life and saying goodbye to the house.

Life here in Japan? Ok....jogging along.
Sunday I spent a quiet day at home prepping for England. I fed Okaasan, but lied to her that I was having lunch out with a friend later - so she ate alone at the kitchen table with a bit of chat from me about the weather and flowers while I acted busy around with housework. Then later when she was asleep by the TV I grabbed some food from the kitchen and ate alone upstairs. Sitting with Okaasan for lunch isn't my idea of a relaxing Sunday.
Bad Oyomesan. !!!!

Sunday evening Yujiro and I went out to dinner to just have some couple time. I bought a good box of sushi for Okaasan, but when we set it out on the table before we left home she said she had her old swollen gums problem and didn't feel like eating.
So...this meant that after a huge pork cutlet dinner - Yujiro had to wake up Monday morning and eat sushi for breakfast! But he didn't seem to get food poisoning...cast iron stomach.

Monday we worked and Okaasan finally went to hula dance class. She was absent for several weeks - the wedding in Tokyo, the weather, a public holiday etc - and she stressed about "I don't have a souvenir for classmembers"...with Yujiro constantly reminding her that she DID have a souvenir because he'd bought it for her in Tokyo.
Anyway. She went to hula dance. She came home about 6.30 pm and we ate dinner together.
Yujiro chatted and chatted to her about food and supermarkets and prices. He really is ideal for her mental stimulation, he chats and chats about meaningless stuff - she gets carried along in it all and can make the same comments over and over again.

In November he will be away on holiday for a week visiting old friends in Tokyo and Saitama. It's a autumn trip he makes most years when the summer work ends and before the ski season work starts - and usually it's a welcome Me Time for me...but this year...oh no...this year I will be Looking After Okaasan for 8 days.....I will have to dredge up enough stimulating conversation to keep Okaasan entertained night after night.

So that's next month's worry. In the meantime England.
I don't get much internet access in the UK, computers in friends' homes and the local library.
So, postings will be occasional from now on.

agh.........England. Family feuding over possessions and packing up a life. At least the country has some of those foods/snacks that can't be bought in Japan: Cadbury's Toffee Chocolate Eggs, Pork Pies and Carrot Cake. I reckon I'm gonna need them.


  1. All the very best for your trip, Oyome-san. I hope that the stress does not become too overwhelming and that the chance to say your proper farewells to your step-mother will bring you some measure of peace.

  2. Good luck and warmth thoughts as you go back to England.

  3. i'm sorry to hear of family problems back home. that's never fun.

    and ack! about the eight days on november. cyber hugs of encouragement?