Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Adopt an Oyomesan for Christmas?

Increasingly Sad Little Oyomesan Needs Christmas Family

Got no family!
Got no friends!
Got a restaurant booking for a wonderful dinner at 8.15 pm on December 25th.
Got nobody to go with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would anyone like to adopt me into their family?
Or, abandon their own family and come and have a nice dinner with me?

Friends are: busy with family, gone to Scotland, singing choral music, gone to Asahikawa, stuck with the in-laws in Tokyo....

My man is teaching Chinese people to ski in Niseko and living for the holidays in a ski instructor's dormitory.

What AM I gonna do????

Despite determination to be all grown up and brave about this. Had a little cry in the car yesterday.
I'm not Christian at all. BUT Christmas IS Christmas...and all the memories of family come back 10-fold. My first Christmas with all 4 parent figures gone.
I will be putting food on the table for Okaasan and exiting the house that evening. I have to. No way to sitting at the kitchen table and listening to Okaasan's womblings over bowls of rice, tofu and a bit of veg.

Would someone please adopt me? I've had a hell of a year and I need a family.


  1. OH no.... If we were here I would adopt you like a shot. There's nothing nicer than good company at Christmas, particularly here and if that company actually understands what Christmas is about.

    But we will be in England......... I'm so sorry!

  2. ahh...Vicky...that would be so nice....I am SO envious that you will be with your family IN England...don't get ne started thinking about THAT....will come over all sniffly again.....

    WAHHHHHH!!!! WAH!!!!!

  3. I'll adopt you, Osaka is a tad far though... and Okaasan might get lost in the pile of wet knickers.... :(

    If it's any comfort my friend who lives close to me is going home too and my in-laws usually ignore Christmas unless I force them to do something and I just don't have the energy this year so I plan to polish off the bottle of gin on our shelf while singing christmas carols out of tune to drown my sorrows.

  4. Aww! I used to feel like that when I was living in Canada. My friends were all busy and my sister was spending Christmas with her boyfriend.

    I'd bite, but I'm off to Canada this year too. I'm sorry. Got mad at my hub a few months ago and booked my ticket.

  5. I would come ... if I could afford the flight over! :/ I'm really sorry you can't find anyone yet but hang in there...still 25 days to go, so still hope :)