Tuesday, 30 November 2010


No. Not Okaasan.
That would be nice.
But ME!

My friend who has a date with a Mr. Beethoven, suddenly realized it's an afternoon performance...so...she is free in the evening!!!

I am not family-less, friend-less anymore...

The table with the night view and the great food is awaiting us!


But thankyou for all the kind offers of adoption/companionship. That's sweet of you.
I'd love to meet everyone sometime.
But for now a friend in Sapporo is going to help me keep the sad thoughts at bay and enjoy the season.

I can do Christmas holidays at home with cats and Okaasan...I can do that happily with books and TV and computer word games and quiet time. But Christmas Night. I very very VERY much need to be not alone.

Thankyou CA.

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