Tuesday, 16 November 2010

All Hula-d Out.

It's over.
My week with Okaasan is over.
Yujiro finally got back from ski training in Tokyo last night...which seemed to involve a lot of hanging out with friends, drinking, eating, Internet cafe sleeping and more drinking. Should have trained him nicely for the coming season...

And Okaasan came home by taxi about 9.30 pm - these hula events are long.
She was all animated about losing her gloves in the taxi and what taxi company was it - and how much it cost - and where the hotel was - and losing her gloves...
"Prince Hotel, must have been a great dinner. What did you have?"
"Dinner? At the hotel?" she looked blank.
She remembered going to a coffee shop with her group and not having enough money...but dinner? No, don't remember the thing that cost \10,000.

Anyway. She looked happy.
We were exhausted with the whole thing. We've been thinking and talking about the Hula Event for 48 hours, lots of phone calls and emails between Tokyo and Sapporo and planning - all to get Okaasan along to a few hours of dance and some food in public.
She isn't the only one who apparently gets stress from these events.

I need real hula, preferably attached to a beach and a sunset in Hawaii.


  1. Otukaresama desu! You did a great job. Now go take that HULA... in the real Hawaii with coconut palm trees, hammocks and a cocktail on the beach!

  2. Hey JY!

    I SO SO wish I could...right now. i'd go to the airport in this tatty old bathrobe.
    Yesterday a student was talking about going to Guam with her daughter in December...I was so jealous.
    I was thinking of a holiday in March/April....I'm wondering if I can last that long!

  3. Hmmmmm, need me some real Hula too :)

  4. The above posters could always take a trip to Fukushima, they have a real hawaii centre set up there since 1965, meant to be just like the real thing. :)

  5. Does Fukushima have sunshine and cocktails?

  6. Yes, I'm sure it does. Hokkaido has sunshine and cocktails too, in summer. :)