Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 4.

Day 4 - and I slightly buggered up.

Pouring with rain again. So I set out Okaasan's lunch on the kitchen table when I went to work, thinking she wouldn't be going out today. Yujiro left me money to give out to her in small amounts for lunches and bits of shopping. But I didn't think she'd be going out anytime today, unless with waterwings.

However, by late afternoon the rain had finally given over.
I got home at 5.30 pm and Okaasan was raring to go.
"I was waiting for Yujiro. I don't have any money! When is he coming back?"
So I gave her \2,000 and cleaned up her lunch stuff in the kitchen - she had thrown the rice into the soup pot again and mixed it all up. And left all the other plates and bowls and open bits of packaged food all over the kitchen. But she'd eaten. And hadn't burned the house down.

So. She set out finally at 6.15 pm - to Seiyu and Macdonalds.
While she was gone I took the opportunity to go into her room and remove some rotting food bags (one of them had INSECTS jumping around inside it was so rotting!!!!) and a few dirty knickers, which I hid in the laundry basket. And I threw on her sofa some clean knickers that I'd washed a few days ago.

By 7.30 pm I was hungry hungry. So I ate alone. The Tv cooking lady's simmered chicken and daikon - actually pretty good I thought. Nice to eat alone.

About 8.15 Okaasan came home.
So I got off the sofa again and went back to the kitchen to heat her food up.
She sat down to eat and I made a bit of chat about the weather and then told her I had to prepare classes for tomorrow etc and left her to it. Otherwise my whole evening would be given over to making and serving dinner.

So. Not great. Not the chatty dinner a deux which she probably needs to keep her brain cells engaged. But MY brain cells appreciated the quiet, solo dinner.

Tomorrow I have a latish class - so it'll be supermarket sushi and instant soup I think. Saturday night I plan to be out at friend's apartment watching So You Think You Can Dance...and Sunday.....and Monday it'll all be over.

Hanging in there. ;-))

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