Thursday, 25 November 2010

Horror movies and normality...still.

I'm living with a 52 year old man/boy/child.
I don't think he really CAN be 52 years old.
Maybe Okaasan forgot when she had 'im!
She certainly forgot that it WAS his birthday...and...amazingly WHERE she gave birth to this wondrous son! Osaka? Tokyo? Hospital? Home? Not really sure.

To celebrate his birthday (actually today) we have watched SEVEN horror movies this week: in the "Saw" series.
Seriously scary stuff. But addictive. I'll probably start torturing butterflies next, except Popo already does that.
We'd recorded the first two movies off TV and watched them Sunday...then got hooked and realized it was a successful series. So Yujiro was down the DVD shop getting the rest. And we finished last night at the movie theater with 3D glasses to see Saw VII.
And then we went to our fave Belgian bar/restaurant and pigged out on a whole roast chicken, chips, salad and lots of delicious Belgian beer.
And so was his birthday.

And in other news: I cooked paella and Okaasan LOVED it. Yes, she liked something I cooked and ate endless bowls of it - way after we'd stopped eating, she was still helping herself happily to more.

Just an ordinary week here. Thankfully.
Okaasan went to hula. I worked a bit - but had two days off thanks to a well placed public holiday. Yujiro rested his eyeballs between horror movies. I exercised the leg and stomach...did a little too much walking one day and rested up the other days. The kittens got all excited about the first Christmas decorations emerging from the cupboard under the stairs...

Things happened to other people - not me, for a change. I can do MORE of this. I enjoy boring life.
A friend is having SKYPE interviews for a job in the UK, another friend is waiting nervously to hear if her first IVF egg has a chance to become a baby and a student heard that she WILL go to the Uk to study at medical school.

Things happening to other people. That's fine!


  1. Really glad to hear that okaasan liked your Paella...which is great...and paella at that... I'm not sure if anyone in my household would eat it...
    The Belgian restaurant (whole roast chicken) sounds delish!
    MIL can't remember all of her kid's birthdays just seems to be not celebrated here... sad really

  2. JY - paella is really easy - we got the recipe off a TV cooking show - you zap rice in the microwave for 1 min. then put it and boiling water in a nabe pan and mix in a packet of that squid guts stuff, then add in fish and veggies on top - cover for 30 mins...hey presto!
    Okaasan ate a huge amount of it...she forgets how much she has already eaten and goes on and on until her tummy is ready to burst.

  3. Things happening to other people is definitely good for a change. And that's not an ordinary week that's a fabulously good week. Okaasan going to hula AND liking something you cooked, Chrissy decorations, movies movies and more movies, date night, and birthdays. Happy Birthday Yuji!!