Monday, 15 November 2010

Hula - Stop Press!

....and WHY can I bring you a delightful picture of hula dance stuff at 4.30 pm??

Because....Okaasan went to the hula event....but didn't want to...and wants to quit...but went along because the taxi was booked and the dinner was paid for....but she doesn't wanna dance......
I came home and saw all the stuff we'd carefully found yesterday STILL on the carpet, and bits of lunch all over the kitchen, and Okaasan's cell phone on the table, along with an umbrella, and several different shoes in the hallway.....and no Okaasan!

I called Yujiro and Ohta-san in panic - should I take the dance stuff along to the hotel - he said no...just let it be. Let her sit in on the event and come home later. And then quit if she wants to.

Apparently Ohta-san said that Okaasan went to the practice last Tuesday, but didn't appear to know why she was there and hadn't understood about an-upcoming event at all etc and wasn't able to do the dance they were all practicing.

I think we've reached another stage in Okaasan's dementia: I felt her conversations this week were very, very repetitive and random. And now the usual drama about the hula dance. And the dis-connect with washing underwear .....I think we're reaching another level down.

Slowly and surely.


Watch this space...if you dare.


  1. Ha ha ha. Good to know that you still have a sense of humor. The underwear is a special tendency in Japanese elderly... add in a mix of dementia..and have your okaasan! Unfortunately dementia only gets worse before it gets better, but it seems to come in never know...okaasan might have a good spell in the months ahead!

  2. damn it. I was so hoping she would do the hula dance and maybe even enjoy some of it :( Bugger. Poor woman - must be so frustrating having talk about all this stuff that you obviously have no idea about. And big arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh for you in sympathy from Oita. Surely that man of yours gets home soon ?

  3. Sending you a great big hug from Nevada. Hang in there!

  4. Sending you a great big hug from Nevada. Hang in there!