Thursday, 4 November 2010

Scattering ashes and clearing a house.

An impossible 10 days of stress and exhaustion to put into words.
Maybe pictures will do it.

This was just one room, my bedroom, as the days progressed and we cleared a 3-bedroomed house of 40-odd years of stuff and memories.

Day 1 - my bedroom.

Day 3 - my bedroom, stuff for Japan gathering.

Day 7 - furniture gone to family, auction, carboot sale...
Day 10 - gone.

And of course, we scattered the ashes of Jane, my
In her will she asked for her ashes to be scattered in
the garden, under the same tree as my Dad.
So I, one of her sisters and her favorite niece put on our gumboots and coats,
and went down the garden with a spade and a fork to dig out the ground. And cry and say Goodbye.


  1. It must have been heartbreaking work. Otsukaresama deshita.

    I do hope that in all the sorting, deciding and sadness that you came across some things that sparked some happy memories and some laughs together. And I hope that when your things arrive they will continue to give you joy in your life here.

  2. I'm glad she's at peace under the tree with your dad and they are finally together again. You did a stellar job on the house, don't forget to look after yourself as well ok. xxx