Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fed and communicated (a bit)

That's about all I did with Okaasan yesterday because it was a busy working day.

I cooked some lunch for her before work and put it out in the kitchen for her - tofu/ soup/rice/veggies. Chatted for about 30 seconds at the door of her room.

I came back mid-afternoon and washed up her lunch stuff and then prepped dinner for her - raw squid/soup/rice/veggies/pickles. Chatted for about 1 minute at the door of her room.

Came back about 8 pm and washed up her dinner stuff. She was asleep. I turned down the TV sound and left her to sleep.

She didn't go to hula today because she said it was raining. So 2 weeks now she didn't go.

I was talking to a student last night about Okaasan's strange walking style...she mentioned Parkinson's Disease...so I scared myself looking at THAT on the web a bit.

Anyway. More of the same today.
I have morning classes downtown.
Then afternoon class in the suburbs.
Then I'll drive home mid-afternoon to prep dinner and feed the cats.
Then go BACK out to the suburbs for a dinner and karaoke with a class.
Gonna be a loong day.


  1. Gambatte kudasai! I hate when they give you the SCARE diagosis... Some of the sites you can really work yourself up... anything could be deadly... ick! Here's to a long day and continued success with okaasan during this holiday season.

  2. My husbands grandma has Parkinson's, not a very nice thing and she shakes all the time. She got so bad she has to live in a rojin home now...and she keeps having falls all the time! Feel so sorry for her..she's such a lovely lady. I hope for your sake and hers that okaasan doesn't have that.