Thursday, 23 December 2010

Quality time

Lilly bulbs....again.

"Quality time" is usually what couples try to give eachother or busy parents try to give their kids.
Yesterday I gave it to Okaasan.
Three nights eating dinner alone, two lunches left on the table.
I thought it was time for some Oyomesan/Okaasan face time.

I cooked lunch: fried potato and cabbage, rice, soup, pickles, bits of fish.
I cooked dinner: grilled herring, rice, vegetable soup, pickles, apple.

I chatted and chatted and chatted. And listened and listened.
Someone gave me oranges from Wakayama - so Okaasan endlessly tells me the story of a woman she knew from Wakayama.
Fried potato and cabbage is a dish that Okaasan's Okaasan (who lived in Sapporo once upon a time) Okaasan likes it and loves to tell the story about how friends in mainland Japan were amazed to see it in her lunchbox.
And for some reason she also got into the American soldier who ejected from his plane over Kawagoe during the war and everyone rushed out to see him. And the boss of the factory where she worked spoke some English because he had studied in the US, and HE was called for to talk English to this American serviceman.

So. All in all a good day. She didn't go out again. But she washed a few pants and left them to gather mold in a wash bowl near the heater. I've seen about 20 pairs on the dirty laundry box in her room - but I can't get to them until she goes out.

All was ok.

Last thing at night I went to the toilet just before bed.
Sat down on the toilet seat: hmm...strange smell...
Looked down.
Shit on the toilet mat.
Oh yuk yuk yuk.
The edge of the toilet mat was covered in it...gross, gross gross....

This double incontinence is very yuk.
Pee in pants is ok. Just throw it in the washing machine and wash my hands.
Shit on pants, mats, towels....

yuk. yuk. yuk.

No WAY can I talk to her about this.
She must feel stressed about doing it too. And then she hides the soiled things in her room. And forgets about them.
I wonder to put a trash box with a plastic bag in the toilet. Mark it with a large sign...hope that she starts to put soiled pants in it? Public toilets have trash bins for tampons etc...if I put something in the toilet do you think she would start using it?

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  1. So THATs what they look like. I really didn't know, or perhaps stupidly dont notice these things at the supermarket!
    The soiled toilets and pants, that's really a tough one. Not much I can say there, the old ppl at the home do it all the time, but it's one thing at the home ane another in your own house. really hope something works out.