Thursday, 30 December 2010

Steady as she goes...

Tomorrow will be the big Osechi cook-off when I encourage Okaasan into the kitchen and see how much of what we bought she remembers how to cook...

Looking promising so far.

She is SO much better than this time last year, when I don't think she actually knew it WAS New Year until we served soba noodles for dinner and the Kohaku singing thing was on TV.

Today she went out - even took my endless advice and set out at 1 pm in actual daylight.

I finally managed to get into her room and clear out some of the laundry - return some of the cleaned stuff and generally hunt for anything disgusting, She had an accident in the toilet after we came back from shopping, but after a long time and a lot of toilet paper somehow managed to clean it up...but I couldn't find any soiled pants....

Slightly panic too tonight when I finished my final gym visit for 2010 (I can now do ALL the machines cos my leg is getting so much stronger) and I glanced at my cell phone to see EIGHT calls from Yujiro and one from Okaasan.
She'd come home from shopping, and couldn't find her front door key But after guidance from Yujiro, speaking by phone from the ski school where he'd just finished work, she found it in her bag and got into the house.

So tonight I cooked dinner for her and me and we talked about New Year's Eve and the TV singing show....and old singing stars. Okaasan is/was a feisty independent woman - she told me 6 or 8 times that there was an old enka singer she liked, but all her friends looked down enka - so she had bought a ticket and gone to the concert alone etc - and how the singer walked down the aisle just near her seat etc.

Then I brought in the pine and ornamental cabbage and red-berry plant that she'd bought and she set to cutting them and arranging them in a vase as a New Year decoration. I took down all the downstairs Xmas stuff today so Okaasan can set it all up as she likes.

So different from last year.

Anyway. Tomorrow. Gonna cook ourselves up a whole LOT of traditional New Year food!!!!!!

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