Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back on duty.

Oyomesan is the Decider again.
Whether we should have slimy brown mushrooms in the miso soup. Or not.
Whether we should have the brown or the yellow pickles on the little side dish. Or not.

And other vitally important decisions.

Yujiro's gone skiing for 4 days. This weekend is a holiday quiet time with Okaasan and 40 cm...50 cm of snow!!!
 I did about 1 hour clearing....didn't go to the gym. I think my Curves were getting enough work out at home with this lot.

But - finally - after 3 days of snow it cleared and Okaasan went out late afternoon for a walk. She hasn't been out for days and inside the house she doesn't exercise, so that really is 3 days of sitting and getting up occasionally to eat and go to the toilet.

But I got home from work and found the telltale pink flowery slippers in the entrance hall and she was gone: so I nipped into her room to grab underwear and do a quick hunt around for lost spaceships or flocks of sheep.

She got home about 5.30 pm and at 6.15 pm I started cooking dinner. She was sitting watching TV. At 6.30 pm she was laying down watching TV....and by 7 pm when dinner was on the table...Okaasan was breathing deeply and sleeping.....I dined in solitary splendor while Okaasan's TV blared some awful (even by J-standards) Tv show about bad singers murdering famous songs. There IS a reason why the intelligence of this country is slipping: crappy, mind-numbing TV.

Okaasan slept on thru 8 pm and 9 pm and 10 pm...while I enjoyed the wonderful movie Fried Green Tomatoes with Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. Well, actually chichi and Popo...but you know what I mean.
Um...there was also a whole packet of TimTams...and the very end of a bottle of whiskey on the sofa....MY holiday-leftovers are much better than Okaasan's!

I went to bed and left food on the table for her...all untouched by morning.

The pink and white things are fish paste, the black things are the rolled seaweed from New Year, then rice, soup, pickles and an egg.....


  1. You are a good Oyome san! That meal looks delicious by fishy, squishy, rubbery standards. I'm girding my loins for my return to that and all the snow!!

  2. You are so good to her! And I know EXACTLY what show you are talking about. It was on the TV during my night shift. I didn't notice it for awhile, then I was like WTH??? LOL. PS. a lot of snow you have there.

  3. My roommates watch such crap TV, it baffles me. And they wonder why I read so much!!