Friday, 7 January 2011

Back to work...

Back to work today: English teaching (easy) and Oyomesaning (not so easy).

The last 2 days of my winter holiday I packed it lots of eating out with friends, movies and exercise at the gym (2 kg plus!!!).

Sapporo disappeared in a snow storm of 30 cm plus. Okaasan couldn't go out.
Yujiro left early morning to go ski teaching and came home evening.

I start full time work from today and from tomorrow Yujiro will be staying away at the ski resort fro 4 days...I have Oyomesan duties looming.

Just to get in the swing of it all I went down to the kitchen this morning to face all the dish washing from lunch (Okaasan) and dinner (Yujiro and Okaasan), while he giddied around trying to leave the house earlier because of the snow.
So - I go out for two meals and escape cooking and boring conversation...and next morning do the dishes of the meals other people ate....hmmm...something wrong methinks!
To be fair, Yujiro and I have always operated the I cook/you wash dishes rule, so he usually does his share. But as Okaasan hadn't washed her lunch dishes, and then hadn't followed thru on her idea of washing dinner dishes either...

A year ago she washed dishes after meals far more. Now I notice when she does it.
A year ago she washed underwear far more. Now it's a few pairs of pants a week.
A year ago she went out walking every day and often went downtown. Now it's a few times a week and very local.

And the Osechi is almost finished. My GOD! I'll have to cook!!!

And the boxes and furniture from England - my life in boxes - arrives at the port of Tokyo today....if Japanese customs let it all could be heading my way soon....a WHOLE lot of memories about to arrive right here in this room.


  1. God, that's going to be an emotional time - unless you just leave them in boxes for a while! Mum made me pack bloody silverware into my suitcase this last time. And when I go back for the funeral can I please take the two antique chairs and table that have my name on them and send them to Japan.

    Good luck with the oyomesan duties while Y is away and for getting back into English.

    And the new husband site - that actually seems like quite a good idea half the time :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a lively start to the year! Hope the boxes are full of good memories.