Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It's snoooow time....

Fighting my way to the computer thru the blizzard!

Well, almost.

Been seemingly days of snow here. 1 meter or something?

Just between 6 pm and 9 pm while I was teaching my car disappeared again under 10-15 cm.

Every day has been a lot of snow clearing. I haven't been to Curves in a week.

And helping Uni Spagetti clear out her apartment and get out of Japan onto the next part of her life.

An exhausting Sunday at her apartment with other friends - sorting thru stuff, delivering it to people's homes...the post office...the trash station. As I had the car it meant a lot of driving. In the snow storms.


As expected though: I came home with two boxes of food and alcohol ;-)) from her kitchen. And two boxes of stuff which the recycle shop may or may not like.

If the recycle shops says "no"I may just leave it outside a children's center and leave a note from "Tiger Mask Man"...

There was a final drinks party in Susukino Sunday night, but I had no energy to go: so I came home with the boxes and after dinner Okaasan had fun sorting through them with me and telling me what the stuff was and whether the sell-by-dates could safely be ignored.

And then yesterday - a hell day in Sapporo of terrible road conditions as the temperature went above freezing finally and the snow turned into coffee sherbet. Deep sherbet. Most of the side roads were impassable. Many of the main roads dangerous. I'd planned to go by subway, but I couldn't park the car outside my classroom, so I was forced to drive.
I drove to the suburbs for regular classes 45 mins., then had to drive across town 50 mins to JR Hokkaido to do a train announcement narration job...then home 45 mins...then classroom 15 mins. It was all a long, long day.

Okaasan of course didn't go to hula. She has been absent from that over a month now, and she doesn't look too bothered. I think her interest in going to something like that and making an effort with people is waning.

And so. Onwards.
Yujiro came home last night for 4 days.
Uni Spagetti leaves Japan tomorrow morning.
My boxes from England will arrive Sunday.

oh - and it'S NOT snowing! There is actually blue sky. A miracle.


  1. Just reading about that snow makes me feel cold. We've been moaning about the cold in Shikoku, you'd think it was tropical!

  2. I get scared just driving in a bit of snow. Hats off to you being able to do all that driving in so much. Scary. Must be sad having Uni-Spag leaving :( Foreign female friends IRL are so rare and losing such a good one ...

    Enjoy having Y home - hope you get some just you two time and some just you time out of the house too.

    Take care in all that snow and ice.